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I create deep connections with individuals and organizations committed to improving from the inside out.

About Lisa Stewart's

Work with Businesses and Organizations

I partner with leaders and HR professionals in large and small scale change initiatives to make workplaces more inclusive. Clients retain me for:

  • consulting services related to diversity, equity and inclusion,

  • leadership development,

  • coaching, 

  • career development for women and people of color,

  • men & women as colleagues dialogues

  • assessment and development of intercultural competence;

  • team interventions,

  •  and facilitating learning sessions on a broad array of topics.

Work with Individuals -Collaborative Coaching

It’s a good idea to get quiet and reflect on our beliefs about ourselves and our world, since that’s exactly what is going to show up in our lives. Where do we limit ourselves and play small? What have we  accepted as truth? A well placed question can often unlock something entirely new! My job is to listen wholeheartedly to you. I ask the questions that help you elevate yourself to new levels.


Cultivate your consciousness to expand your inner landscape. (No real, sustainable change is possible without this.) Fill it with good stuff so that it out-pictures as the life and the world you want to see. If we aren’t expanding on the inside, we limit the results we can bring forth for ourselves, the people and organizations -- the world -- we care about.

Having done this myself for many years, I can partner with you to help you start your own inner expansion project. What can you do today if you don’t contact me first? Start a basic meditative practice. Or even simpler- just build in moments of silence during your day. And tune in. Whatever resource you choose, start going Inside before you venture outside.

Check out this useful article, "Author Talks: Quiet!"


"Lisa is a gifted facilitator with a unique combination of deep DEI expertise, empathy, and wisdom. I was fortunate to work with Lisa as she was the lead consultant responsible for the development and delivery of a comprehensive DEI education series for the HR function of my organization. Her thought partnership and knowledge was invaluable, and she was able to bring ideas and concepts to life in the virtual world in a way that was as meaningful to participants as being in the same physical space. My experience of Lisa was as a partner in the best sense of the word – someone who works side by side with the client, shares ownership and accountability, and is willing to go above and beyond to ensure that our joint desired outcomes were achieved. My only regret from our project was that it did have a finite ending, since it meant I was no longer able to benefit from a weekly infusion of Lisa’s good humor, sharp insights, and drive for excellence. I would highly recommend Lisa as a thought partner, coach, facilitator, and program designer."  


Terri Carter

Deputy Director, HR Business Partner

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

"Before talking with Lisa, I was in transition, looking for my next career opportunity, and felt chaos during the job search process. My one conversation with Lisa made a difference. The questions Lisa asked made me realize where I would be the happiest. We talked about my strengths from the StrengthsFinder assessment and from then on, I only moved forward with job positions where I could play to my strengths. Lisa helped me find my focus and as a result, I ended up in the right role, in the right environment, with the right team."

- Stephanie Lang

 Adjunct Faculty, Equity Labs at University of Denver

“Lisa’s innate ability to form deep connections blew me away – I felt like I had known her my entire life after just our first conversation. Through her personalized coaching style I found the courage to clearly understand and articulate my value as a leader for the first time, resulting in a step change promotion. I owe a great deal to Lisa’s intentional listening and insightful feedback and am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with her!”


Kelly Stafford

Special Projects and PMO Manager

C&P - mobility and convenience Americas


"Lisa Stewart is an extraordinary DEI Learning designer, developer and presenter.  She brings the perspective of a seasoned DEI Practitioner that has worked in both a U.S. and Global context and is sensitive to the nuances of each in providing on  point and impactful learning experiences for her clients.  I have partnered with Lisa on numerous learning interventions over two decades with exemplary results."

John Sequeira


TL One Partner LLC

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