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Cultivate Consciousness

Everything starts with consciousness. We are what we are aware of. Each morning I see a slightly different scene as a nearby construction project proceeds. I'm struck by the parallel with the way our own consciousness develops. I ask: What old stuff in my head did I excavate? Did I clear my old unwanted beliefs? Did expand myself? Have I replaced my old beliefs and concepts with a new structure?







It’s a good idea to get quiet and reflect on our beliefs about ourselves and our world, since that’s exactly what is going to show up in our lives. Where do we limit ourselves and play small? What have we been told that we accepted as truth when maybe it was just somebody else’s truth that we swallowed whole?

Cultivate your consciousness. Expand it. Fill it with good stuff so that it out-pictures as the life and the world you want to see. If we aren’t expanding our mental landscape, we can’t change anything. Michael Jackson said it best – “I’m starting with the man in the mirror!”

Having done this myself over the past 23 years, I can partner with you to help you start your own inner expansion project. What can you do today if you don’t contact me first? Get thee into a basic meditative practice. Use any resource of your choosing to start going Inside before you venture Outside.











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