Personal Coaching: Movement & Balance

Move and Balance: Bellicon Training

How much fun are you having? What are you doing to pull yourself away from your screen, uncurl from your hunched position and shift into some goofy, sweaty, exhaustingly joyful movement?

Former First Lady and fellow Chicagoan Michelle Obama, said it best: ”Let’s Move!’ Many of us are living overly-busy stress-filled lives. Some days the only movement we get is the upward motion of the lower arm putting food in our mouths or raising and lowering ourselves into a car or truck. Particularly as we age we need to keep the gears well lubricated.

Everyone deserves to treat themselves to some way of keeping the body moving in an ENJOYABLE way. My friend who is an entrepreneur said she doesn’t get any exercise because the gym she belongs to is ratty and she doesn’t like it. I’m thinking, what the heck are you paying for?!!  Imagine how much happier you could be if you invest in a fun form of exercising that never feels like drudgery


Personally I’m a fan of rebounding at home or with others and I’m certified to train you with Bellicon equipment. It’s so much fun it gives exercise a bad name! Where else but on a mini trampoline can you work on balance, coordination, core strength, calorie-burning cardio and get your groove on at the same time?

Whatever walk of life you’re in – Cultivate consciousness, movement and balance. Let's have a healthy conversation about how to get started.   Contact me to learn how to get as sweaty and goofy as I look in this Bellicon video.



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