Lisa Stewart - Consulting Experience

Diverse Examples of Lisa Stewart's Consulting Process

  • Led the first women’s career development program for supervisors and managers of a global energy company in Nigeria
  • Consulted with numerous clients  to create team building interventions using various assessment such as Firo-B, SDI and MBTI
  • Designed, developed and facilitated educational experiences on working across cultures for HR professionals in locations as diverse as Muscat and Stavanger
  • Facilitated action-oriented learning sessions on unconscious bias for hundreds of senior executives
  • Led dialogue sessions on men and women as colleagues which led to national recognition and culture change in a top professional services firm
  • Consulted with an internal chief diversity officer to develop the strategy and infrastructure for a global expansion of diversity efforts which led to external recognition and awards
  • Created the first diversity toolkit for HR professionals in the Europe region of a big 5 professional services firm
  • Created and facilitated team building workshops to build skill in nursing staff to deliver culturally-competent care for hospice patients of diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Partnered with experts in non-cognitive learning to teach meditation practices to senior level negotiators.
Diverse examples of Lisa Stewart's consulting process.

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